Monday, September 17, 2018

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Just a few days back, I had read news in newspaper… that was sounding like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft like giants will appoint employees upon their caliber and not on base of their qualification.

This is completely amazing and eye-opening news that we need to understand, and for that we really need to look at our education system… 

Wait wait wait… system ? I guess, have I used wrong word ? Where is the systematic education ?
What we are doing is… simply falling in love with hi-fi and ultramodern looking (only) educational institutes, big and attractive advertisements, artificially created hype of 99.99 PR… Science, Maths… Engineering… Medicine… Doctors… MBA… And mesmerized parents are pushing their child in that factory where these schooling industries are forcefully molding our best quality raw material into such rubbish product, those products comes out as totally unfinished, rough, faulty and almost not in shape that can be fitted to practical life.

Most of the parents have never thought on the situation, they are thoughtlessly rushing on the single track, dreaming about their child should become only a Doctor or only Engineer or only MBA. But none of the parents, none of the school, none of the (so called) teachers have ever judge child’s interest, its inner strength, liking-disliking… simply, mug-up the text books, write down word-to-word, ditto-to-ditto in the exam and get 95, 97, 98 or 99 marks. Hurrah..!

Education Industry… yes… in real sense industry... Completely commercial, money minded industry business that is producing totally lower quality products. In fact, they are not concerned about the quality… they believe in quantity only.

These industries have totally unskilled workers like so called teachers, who have no sense how to utilize best raw material like today’s highly intelligent generation and how to produce the finest product out of it. But they are not at fault… because, when the suppliers of the raw material have no sense about the quality of their own raw material, how can we expect anything from those production houses ?

And the results are… Today’s students will not be capable enough to settle themselves in the practical life, because the foundation of this generation is laid on bookish and mugged up knowledge only. Now that makes no sense if anyone of them has secured 99.99% in their final exam !
It is like the circus’ ring… training wild animals to sit on the bench with just single whip, as those animals are trained despite each of them have different qualities. 

This is the future (!!) of our nation… 
Anyways, this is endless subject… but I have some questions relating to this topic…
If someone wish to adopt profession as practicing doctor, need to study in medical and to be a registered doctor, or if someone wish to adopt engineering profession, need to be qualified engineer…. Then why no any mandatory criteria for the profession of teacher who actually are playing a vital and important role in building nation’s future ?

Very lengthy and absolutely non-practical academic syllabus, over burden studying method, hyper pressure of getting high percentage results… no time for kids to breath even… why this is not considered as child labour ? 

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