Thursday, September 27, 2018

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Big Boss...The most hyper sensitive formula of success

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Bigboss 12

None of the greatest scientists of the world could have invented such success formula like recently on air Reality (!?) Show… Bigg Boss… just see the combination of deadly formula… Bollywood’s heart-throb Salman Khan, Sexy Female contestants who can attract males (no age bar), Macho Males contestants who can attracts girls and females (males too… openly after IPC 377), scripted (!) shouting at each other, scripted (!) romance, scripted (!) leg pulling, scripted (!) dirty politics plus Highly sophisticated 12 contestants – who are known-unknown celebrities of their field, one lavished house, ultramodern amenities, all these composition makes a hyper sensitive formula of success that is called reality show… Bigg Boss.

… and above all… the most powerful object to make this formula explosive and lethal is added – Anoop Jalota & jasleen matharu – considering current affair.

Viewers are almost mesmerized and nearly enjoying like intoxicated state, which state may be like scotch, drug or desi tharra… states may vary from person to person !

I guess… no… I am sure… many of males – especially elderly – are now hopeful, they have broaden their vision, they have started now holding an end of a rope that can lead them to another end where they have dreamt to be in their younger age but they couldn’t… He..hee..heee.. I am too hopeful… I am just 53…! But, hope is a long rope... you know !

But the whole thing is… TV Channels, Concept Creators, Producers, Anchor (ultimately an actor) Actors, Contestants or Participants knows that whatever the way they are serving is a delicious most dish which people most like it.

Now it is up to us to taste, smell, touch, sense, understand, mean, grab, hold or go for "selfie".

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