Thursday, October 11, 2018

Mumbai Special Aflatoon

Mumbai Special Aflatoon

Milk in one cup
Half cup milk powder
Half cup sugar
Half a cup of semolina
Half a cup of ghee
Khoya 125 grams
Two nuts, chopped
15-20 almonds, chopped
15-20 raisins
Teaspoon of cardamom powder

Method : Take two tablespoons of Ghee in a pan and take half a walnut and half a almond powder and fry it to little and keep it out in a plate. Then take the remaining ghee in the pan, add semolina to the pan. Keep the flame to the medium during this time. Let semolina be golden brown and add milk and mix it well, also add milk powder to it and mix it properly. Then add sugar and mix well. Then add the khoya and mix it exactly.

After everything is well mixed and don’t worry if you found ghee. Add the cardamom powder and add the raisins. Then add also add remaining walnut and almonds, mix everything well. Then turn off the gas. And spread a blob into a mold, before that, spread ghee on the mould surface. When ghee will come upwards from level to top, do not worry about it, all ghee becomes absorbed. Cut it in the fancy shape as it is set well.

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