Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Bahubali Sandwich

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One is enough… because it is not a simple sandwich, it is Bahubali Sandwich. One by one layers, variety of vegetables, fruits, cheese makes it Yummmmy.

Ingredients :
Four bread slices
Boiled Sweet Corn
Kiwi / Pineapple
Green Sandwich Sauce
Beat potatoes
Chut Masala, Pepper Powder
Cheese slice
Besan Sev
Chile Flex
Green coriander
Tomato catch-up

Method : Cut the edges of bread and apply butter on the slice. Put boiled sweet corn and Kiwi pieces on the slice (you can use Pineapple also instead of Kiwi). Take another bread slice and apply butter on it, spread green sandwich paste over it and place this bread slice on a sweetcorn slice. Then put the boiled potatoes mow for the sandwich. Then put another bread slice on top of butter and green potatoes on the pot. On top of this bread, put the onion slice, tomato slice, cucumber, cabbage and a bit. Then put the cheese slice on top and sprinkle a little chaat masala and black pepper powder. Then put a butter on a bread slice, put it upside down on the sandwich. Apply the mayonnaise cheese to the top. Then grate a little cheese on the sandwich, also spread some besan sev and Chile Flex on it. Then garnish with coriander and catch-up. Now serve this extravagant sandwich with a potato wafer.
You can increase-decrease and change In vegetables to your test.

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