Thursday, October 11, 2018

Freedom of Speech and Expression

While reading our previous topic of sedition, one will surely think that if anyone speaks anything ill about government is considered as Sedition, then where freedom of speech and expression is ?

Here is the exact understanding of Freedom of Speech and Expression.

The following acts do not amount to sedition as they are protected as your right to freedom of speech and expression under the Constitution of India:

Any criticism of government policies and their actions.
Any criticism done in good faith against the Government.
Any criticism done to improve the functioning of the Government.

In other words, commenting in strong terms upon the measures or acts of Government, or its agencies is not the same as disloyalty towards the Government. As long as the words used by a person, does not lead to people feeling enmity and disloyalty towards the Government and public disorder or use of violence, it is not an act of sedition.

For example…
If someone draws a cartoon for the Hindu highlighting and ridiculing the corruption in the Government, it would not amount to sedition, or If a filmmaker makes a documentary on the violence of Jammu and Kashmir and critiques the Government actions in it, he would not be liable for sedition.

But, If someone publishes a slogan “I hate the Government, the Government is corrupt”, will not be considered as an act of sedition. But, people becomes violent and that resulted into violence and becomes destructive for the public properties, government belongings, then it would be an act of sedition.

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