Friday, October 12, 2018

Me Too ! what is this ?

Me Too ! what is this ?

Me too, Me too

Recently read a WhatsApp post… it was something like this… “Beware guys, your today’s ‘Sweetu’ can be tomorrow’s ‘Me Too’ !!!

Looking at the current scenario, it seems like maximum of the celeb female have faced sexual harassment at some point of times. Surprisingly this unfortunate occurrence comes in the mind of victim after few years ! Oh.. me too… that time I was harassed ! He touched me here and there during dance, or during acting… Oh my god…me too… what he was doing with me was actually sexual harassment ! Call media… start shouting loudly… me too.. me too.. me too.. I am also going to announce how innocent I was or I am... and what kind of guy he is.

Innocence !! She like someone had teased her or had touched her somewhere in past should be declared publicly ? me too.. me too.. as if she is missing some benefit and running after it to get benefited… me too.. boss, don’t forget me too. 

It is true that if a male is even looking at any female at a glance, her sixth sense immediately gives 
alarm in her subconscious mind, then how come those females awakes and start sensing that me too was harassed that time, but I was so innocent… could not understand I am being harassed (may be that incident was giving her pleasure that time, or.. or.. or..  – so called – innocent victim was dreaming about achieving something else through the harasser).

There is one question constantly hitting in mind… Why only females are harassed by males ? Men are never harassed by any mean ? Do you have any idea ?

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