Thursday, October 11, 2018

Pakistan v/s Australia test – let us see, what happens ?

Pakistan v/s Australia test – let us see, what happens ?

If Pakistan wins this test – Pakistan v/s Australia, there will be a National Holiday in Pakistan. Not a joke, but this is sheer reality seeing the present standard of Pakistan Cricket Team.

These days Pakistan cricket is looking like cloudy sky where few of the players are – sometimes – sparkling like little stars for a just few seconds and then vanishes. This is not observed only in this Pakistan v/s Australia series, it is been observed since a period.

Pakistan v/s Australia series can be resulted differently, Look at the performance of Pakistan during Asia Cup, even have a look at the many series defeat Pakistan have faced. Suppose Pakistan wins a test or may win Pakistan v/s Australia series, the reality will not change.

Even the same days are likely to come about Australia as well, as the way Pakistan v/s Australia test series and the performance shown by Great (at times) Australian team in this Pakistan v/s Australia test series.

This is quite possible that a day will come, our next generation will ask, what is Pakistan Cricket team ? Perhaps, time may come that someday Afghanistan also can turn the table.

Do you think that the time will come when to participate in international match, Pakistan will require to qualify first, by playing with stronger teams like Afghanistan, Hongkong, USA… likewise !!! 

Anyways, let us see… what happens in Pakistan v/s Australia series !

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