Thursday, October 11, 2018

This is Navratri Time... Jai Mataji

This is Navratri Time... Jai Mataji

Navaratri is the holy festival of worship to the goddess – according to the Puranas traditional Raas, and the tradition of nine days like the symbol of worship to the Mataji. But there is nothing mentioned that we should setting up a spectacular stage, arranging flood lights that may cause temporary blindness, put a surround sound hi-fi music system that may gift deafness to your ears. It is also very important to see that the neighbour Garbi Manadal sound system is no longer powerful than you... Just call the DJ, produce unbearable noise, and noise pollution !!! who cares…?

But now, above all these - for the last few years, young generation has started redefine Navratri in their own way. As soon as they are in the state of redefined Navratri intoxication, Navratri's drunkenness has begun to take the youth to the absolutely wrong direction. Needless show-business, fashion parade, clothes like circus jokers, young boys wearing such dresses and looking nearly feminine. Actually, while seeing them from the back side, it does not seem that the vehicle that goes ahead of you is driven by a boy or a girl !!! There is nothing connected with 377, but Navratri of course !

Now days Navratri is… Most probably, there is a blind, foolish and logic less competition is going on.
So far as today’s Navratri definition in view of youth is… there is no difference between wearing both the fashionable and the latest and trendy dresses and exhibiting the body and its parts in public and surprisingly this idiotic style is considered as ‘today’s fashion’ ! They might enjoy or feel comfort is not the question, but other may enjoy watching it… that is sure.

Besides, Navaratri has now become a 'Lavarati' in the true sense. It is also love that we have ever defined ‘love’, it is a 'lustful love'. Today’s definition of Navratri is changed from one to two, three, four, five or nine-night-stand only, and both the parties win… Setting you know !

I know it is little awkward to hear, but the fact is that after the Navratri there comes a Diwali and soon after Diwali, one another Diwali starts for pharmaceutical companies by getting time to overshoot the targets of sales of abortion pills and condoms.

What worship in this? What kind of devotion is there ? Who is Mataji ? For the commercialization of this divine festival Navratri – instead of some ancient and traditional event converted in business... fashion… show business… lust and their by-products. Today’s Navtrati means… simply decorate the photos of Mataji at the beginning of the program, and then start the waving of lights before the deity, prayer song to be sung at the time… and start… Eeeee… haaalo… 

Jay Mataji ...

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